If you are looking for someone you can trust to help bring the vision and dream of one of the biggest days of your life to reality, look no further than Elana Walker at Elana Walker Events. I’m not one of those brides who had her special day planned out since elementary school, but when I got engaged to my college sweetheart I knew what I liked, what I thought was beautiful, and how I SAW my day playing out. Elana took my vision and created a SIGNATURE event based on how we saw our day playing out.

We could have been any denomination or socioeconomic status and she still would have pulled it off because Elana makes it about “the couple,” and what this day is supposed to be for them, and no one else. She is PASSIONATE about what she does. Elana put special attention into getting to know and understand us as a couple, including how we operate as people to create MORE than what we imagined. For example, I am not one to be given many options because I have a difficult time making decisions. Since Elana took that extra step to understand who I was as a bride, when I stressfully would ask, “Well, what do you think I should go with?” She directly, calmly, honestly, and 100% accurately was able to answer.

Her connections with vendors allowed for our changing budget to meet different options that worked for us. And our wedding day was phenomenal. Elana’s strengths as a planner do not just lie in putting it all together, but execution!

Perhaps the best part about Elana is her attitude. Wedding planning can be met with great stress. Elana remains positive, excited, ON TASK, and encouraging throughout the ENTIRE process. There were times where I totally forgot she was planning other weddings because she was so committed to ours. I don’t know what we would have done without Elana who has become so much more than a wedding planner, but a friend.

– Maya Pittman

Our wedding this past weekend would have been an absolute disaster without Elana. Elana Walker is the calm in chaos, and working with her and her assistant was such a relief in every way.

When I was interviewing wedding planners in the area earlier this year, there were some planners that weren’t as responsive which was a huge turn-off to me. As soon as Elana and I had our first phone conversation, I hired her immediately. Not only was her follow-up swift and personable, she was so accommodating and friendly. I knew that she would be awesome to work with.

Elana is so responsive and hyper-responsible, and being the type A person that I am, it was so refreshing to get email/text responses so quickly. She seriously remembers EVERYTHING, and thinks of all the possible scenarios that I had never even thought to think of. I remember how stressed out I was a few months before the wedding…until I had my in-depth planning session with Elana. She covered absolutely everything, planning the wedding down to the minute, and I was in a much better state closer to the wedding day.

The wedding weekend went so smoothly with Elana’s help, and though we had some tough situations with weather conditions, she was able to help us make the best of everything. Not only did she do a great job directing/herding everyone from family members to vendors, she went above and beyond my expectations with everything she did for us from set-up to clean-up. I could not be more grateful!

I sincerely and whole-heartedly recommend Elana Walker to any bride. She works so unbelievably hard, and you will not regret working with her!

-Michelle Wiese

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 1.57.42 PMFirst I will start by saying I almost passed her up until a little birdie brought me back around, and THANK GOD that happened. Elana Walker is amazing, she makes you feel at ease and that everything is under control. One thing she told me is that everything will not be perfect but whatever goes wrong she will handle it. She was there every step of the way even though she was just hired as day of coordinator, every call, every email, even text she was right there to help assist me. I have already recommended her before my event even came I just knew that she would make my wedding day dreams come true. I value her as a planner and now my friend, she was there when I was going crazy about every detail and is still here now to listen to me vent. Her team was fabulous, they handled my wedding day needs with care and were very helpful. One thing I would say I would have liked to meet them before the rehearsal just so that I can know their names and not seem like this crazy bride saying “excuse me can you do this and that.” I got married at the Grand Marquise Ballroom in Garner, and if I had a chance to do it again I would have Elana right there by my side all over again! She’s a WINNER for sure.

-Chavon Bobbitt

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 2.09.18 PMI couldn’t ask for a better wedding planner. I’m glad I hired Elana at the beginning of the planning process. She reduced my stress level considerably, and stayed calm and confident throughout the process. Elana took the time to get to know us and learn as much as she could about what we wanted. She then created a step by step plan to get us there. The decisions involved were a bit overwhelming, but she cut through the chaos and suggested absolutely perfect vendors. I would never have found them by myself. She has great pride in delivering a quality outcome, and has answers to every potential issue. She is professional, organized, calm, kind, responsive, helpful, creative, fun, and knowledgeable. Her services were priced considerably lower than others. Why would you go anywhere else?

– Karen  Bluestien

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 2.11.51 PMSelecting Elana as our wedding planner was single-handedly the greatest decision that we made during the entire wedding process. Elana has a friendly and approachable personality that sets you at ease during all your meetings. While her professionalism and attention to detail gives you comfort that one of the biggest days of your life will be under complete control.

From the beginning, Elana helped us set and stay with a realistic budget by guiding us through the uncharted wedding industry. She recommended amazing vendors that we would not have found ourselves. This permitted our style to be infused into the wedding rather than having a string of “Googled Vendors” who were beyond our price point. She helped shape our ambitious ideas into a complete and cohesive vision. She prepared a number of logistics to ensure that every element of the day — including with our wedding party — ran smoothly and on time. Even her staff, several of whom I met over the course of the experience, were a great pleasure to work with and meet. Particularly, her assistant coordinator on our wedding rehearsal and day — Brandi — had a sweet personality and was very professional with keeping all the details together.

Most importantly for me, Elana gave me the confidence and ability to truly enjoy my wedding day. I had no concerns on the day of the wedding because I knew regardless the issue, Elana would handle it. I can reflect back on the day knowing that the stress was removed and only timeless memories with my new husband, family and friend remain. That alone is worth it, period.

The only regret I have is not engaging Elana sooner. It would have saved us a lot of time with unnecessary vendor vetting and stress of struggling to get organized. Do yourself, your fiance, your guests and your future memories a huge favor and meet with Elana.

-Danaka Williams

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