International Certified Wedding Planner, Wedding Designer, Mentor, Speaker, Mother of 2 sons, Daughter, Sister, Friend, & Animal Lover are just a few of the titles Elana Walker is blessed to have. Currently residing in Raleigh, NC, but originally from Chicago, IL , Elana majored in fashion design at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago, which was where her love for beautification, style, and design was refined. She decided to become a certified wedding planner through the American Academy of Wedding Professionals. This education prepared her to become one of the top professional wedding planners in North Carolina. Elana is living proof that when there is a will, there is a way. She started her wedding planning business out of necessity. Adamant to provide a comfortable life for her and her son, she opened a wedding planning company that would later lead her to a fulfilling and successful career.

When Elana adjusted her perspective and approach toward her work from focusing on wedding planning to focusing on the business sideĀ of wedding planning, her company benefited and grew exponentially.

Both humorous and motivational, Elana Walker enjoys speaking to a wide variety of groups concerning an extensive range of topics pertaining to the wedding industry.

Speaking Appearances

Growing a Successful Wedding Planning Business

Becoming a wedding planner is exciting and fun but, let’s not forget that this is a business. There is so much that goes into growing a successful wedding planning company and you want to make sure the things you do will prepare you for success and growth. Elana discusses obtaining success and growth through:

– Creating an effective brand
– Being confident in pricing
– Building appealing service packages
– Knowing when and how to say “No”
– Promoting your certification

Increasing your profit

Looking to make more money? Aren’t we all! As wedding planners, there are many ways we can maximize our earning potential per client. Do you want to make up to 100k per year? You will learn:

– Pricing at your worth
– Creating new revenue stream within your company
– Growing your team
– Breaking down the figures

Quitting your 9-5

Who doesn’t want financial freedom and the ability to control their own schedule and work flow? Quitting your 9 to 5 will allow you to build your business because you will have time to do so. So, how do you get from working for someone to working for yourself? Topics include:

– How to invest your money
– How to price your services
– Balancing both jobs
– Knowing when it’s time to quit

Publishing Power

Having your wedding published is a very gratifying accomplishment. Find out how you can get your work published and ways to use it to elevate your brand and obtain more clients.

– Planning a publishable wedding
– Choosing the right vendors
– Targeting publications
– Building a relationship with the right people
– What to do with your feature

Appealing to a Higher Budget Bride

As a wedding planner taking your company to the next level consists of elevating the type of weddings you do which means appealing to a higher budget bride.

– Profiling your target bride
– Marketing to a higher budget bride
– How to impress the higher budget bride
– Keeping her happy



“Community over Competition”

Elana Walker Mentoring Co. provides education that is paired with experience to promote success. Unlike any other programs, the mentees also receive real hands-on wedding experience after participating in an educational seminar. The mentees are then invited to shadow and assist Elana during appointments and day-of wedding coordination. In addition, she offers business consulting to all wedding creatives.